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Tony Apuzzo’s
1972 Colt
Runs 9.51@143mph
With a 1.40 sec 60’
Features Dynamic 904 Trans
with TCT Converter & adapter kit to a SRT-4 (2.4l) engine Kit.



Since 1985 - The Original DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions - a company that has withstood the test of time by its unflinching dedication to high quality product and service. The demand for DYNAMIC products has always been, and remains, the result of in-house design, know-how, meticulous assembly, and the obvious results- on and off the track. Its no wonder that a DYNAMIC Racing Transmission or one of their custom, in-house converters holds such high value with their owners.

Pairing a DYNAMIC Racing Transmission with one of the company's own (TCT) converters gives unsurpassed performance and longevity- the kind that allows racers to concentrate on other areas of their vehicle's performance. Its always been this way at DYNAMIC, so its no wonder that so many customer relationships have spanned not only decades- but generations! Yes, the racers and street enthusiasts that years ago discovered the special way DYNAMIC customers are treated, have come to see their offspring depending on that same service.

That goes for the successful 'name' racers as well- those who have earned championships, set records, or have gained a certain amount of notoriety by their years of respectable runs at the top of their class. Some companies will give racers like this enough product to always keep a fresh unit in the car and backups ever-ready for the inevitable. It speaks volumes of DYNAMC's quality that plenty of these ultra visible racers choose to pay for a DYNAMIC Racing Transmission and TCT Converter rather than receive a different product for free.

You see, making a purchase through DYNAMIC means more than merely obtaining product. You have the added benefit of professional support in the form of a 1-year warranty on most transmissions and converters, technical advice, speedy service, and affordable overhauls and upgrades. In affect, you join Team DYNAMIC. And that goes for the new-comer on a shoestring budget, as well as the established veterans with unlimited access to parts.

Many customers are shocked when they call DYNAMIC and find out that someone will talk to them - not just at them. But it all goes hand in hand, DYNAMIC treats people the way they would want to be treated and sell the product they would like to buy.

Quite simply- that's only the best...


Dynamic Racing Transmissions/Often Imitated NEVER Duplicated


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