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Tony Apuzzo’s
1972 Colt
Runs 9.51@143mph
With a 1.40 sec 60’
Features Dynamic 904 Trans
with TCT Converter & adapter kit to a SRT-4 (2.4l) engine Kit.


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The Briante’s original ‘Ol Blue. Long retired, this well known car

was instrumental in the development of the first Mighty Mite C-4.

At the time, the Briantes ran this car in the Pro-5.0 Class, and the

Mighty Mite C-4 served them well- down to the 8.3’s!

Back when a Mustang breaking into the 9's was pushing the envelope, DYNAMIC saw the need for an effective racing C-4. It's small size, light weight and inherent strength made it an ideal candidate for a full DYNAMIC "massage". With racers all over the country already having great success with DYNAMIC's Power Glides, C-6's, T400's, etc., owner/president Harold Miller set out to turn the C-4 into a winner too. After making the usual DYNAMIC 'comp' modifications including wide bushings, Kevlar band, Kolene steels, etc., Miller turned out the first C-4 brake that was good enough to use in serious competition. Having a close working relationship with the Briante family and the Golick's made a series of true race-proven modifications possible, which have continued to develop over the years. The success of these modifications prompted Bernie Golick to declare the DYNAMIC C-4 a "Mighty Mite". As Fords keep breaking track records and producing more power, DYNAMIC will continue to develop its product so that racers can always depend upon them to handle whatever horsepower the vehicle can dish out.




Street & Strip/Heavy Duty

Ideal for stock, or mildly upgraded vehicles. Unless specified- usually for restoration purposes- the '70 and up, 26-spline, case-fill transmission is used.  In addition to the larger diameter input shaft, each unit is upgraded to 5-clutch drums, superior grade clutches and intermediate band, wide babbit bushings, and more. The valve bodies maintain the standard shift pattern. Shifts are very firm and crisp, whether you put your trans in Drive and let it shift itself, or choose to start out in Low and shift manually. 

Of course, one of the biggest differences is the precise assembly. Each transmission is dynotested before it leaves our building, so you can bolt up your new DYNAMIC with confidence.

Upgrades- Any C4 can be fitted with a hardened shaft, Solid-Strength Fwd. Drum, Deep Al Pan, or be rollerised. And these things can only improve a transmission's chance at long life. It is when a car crosses the 500+ HP level, however, that we strongly recommend certain upgrades. A car with less than 500 HP can always use a Reverse Manual Valve Body, if that's the way the owner wants it, but when a C4 is bolted up to a more powerful car, the MVB supplies the extra line pressure needed for adequate lubrication. It is also around this point that the extra strength of the hardened shaft and solid fwd. drum become necessities for long life. The benefits of rollerisation are not only in the reduced amount of HP needed to turn the unit, but also in the sharp drop-off in friction-caused heat and wear.

Entry-Level Comp

Basically a Street & Strip with a Rev. Manual Valve Body. By the time a Comp unit is actually needed, the best piece to start with is usually the Comp C4 with #1 Upgrade package.

Upgrade 1 Comp

Hardened Input Shaft, Blue-Printed Pump w/Wide Babbit Bushing and Teflon Sealing Rings, Solid-Strength Fwd. Drum, 5-Clutch Packs in Fwd. and Direct (with Kolene steels in Dir.), Partial Rollerisation, Rev. Manual Valve Body w/matched Servo, Deep Chrome Pan w/Drain Plug...

Comp w/Brake
Same as Upgrade Comp, plus Brake. This is the same external solenoid Brake that is used in the famous Mighty Mite C4- developed totally in-house, constantly evolving since the early days of the Mustang vs. Gran National races in NJ...




Mighty Mite- Take all the features of the Upgrade Comp, add the Brake Valve Body and additional rollerisation, and you have the original Mighty Mite. Although all DYNAMIC Transmissions are constantly being refined, the Mighty Mite is still available in its original configuration- at a reasonable price.

M2- AS a car marches its way towards the low-9"s - with an eye on the 8's - the Mighty Mites upgrade to the M2 gives plenty of extras in the right places. Standard features of the M2 include a fully rollerised front planetary, 6-clutch Direct Drum Power Pack, Lightened Drive Shell, Deep, Finned Al Pan, and the customer's choice of the Mighty Mite or Pro-Brake.

X6- This is the top of the line C-4 – Absolutely the strongest racing C-4 that money can buy.  Take all the features of the M2 and to that add: 6-pinion fully rollerised front planetary and a modified C-6 Vasco shaft.  To accomplish this transplant, much precision machine work is carried out.  The pump is rebored and bushed, the forward drum is bored out and resplined, and to top it off, the special input to output system utilizes Teflon to give previously unavailable lateral support.                                                                             

         With the added option of DYNAMIC’S 2.20 gear set, the X-6 is the C4 of choice for the widest variety of the Fastest Fords- from Supercharged, Turbo, or Nitrous assisted Small Blocks, to the Hi-Rev Modular Cars.  No longer does an uncontrollable launch necessitate a change to a ‘Glide, as the 2.20 does a great job in calming down ‘squirrely’ cars. Simply put, when only the very best will do, DYNAMIC’S X-6, with a custom TCT Converter is the definitive choice, for racers anywhere.                                           


Street & Strip/Heavy Duty- 'Attention to detail' is the optimum phrase here, as each and every unit is meticulously assembled by a single tech- from beginning to end. It is then dynotested to ensure perfect operation. Long life and vehicles that are a joy to drive are the benefits here. Improvements include DYNAMIC's Street & Strip Valve Body, which will self-shift like oem but also allow for manual shift action, premium clutches and band, and 'blueprinted pump'.
Comp- Building on the attributes of the Street & Strip, the Comp also features a Full Manual Valve Body and competition clutches, Kevlar band, and optional Vasco Input Shaft and Deep Finned Aluminum Pan.
Hurricane- Step up from the Standard Comp model with the rollerised Hurricane. Order DT6B4 for optional Brake. Aluminum Pan standard.
Warhorse- The full Warhorse treatment plus the outstanding DYNAMIC C6 Brake. Options include: Aluminum Direct Drum, and Low Gear Planetary (2.72;1.54; 1 to 1)


Built to Spec, from Street& Strip to High-H.P. Models with Trans-Brake & O/D Delete.

Pro-Tree 2

This is the well known Dynamic Race-Ready Power-Glide.
Dynamic will build a glide for any application, from restoration to 2000+ H.P.
If you’re not sure what you want or need-
Call or Email. We’ll walk you through it.





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