Question:  What if time limits/shipping considerations make it unfeasible to send in my equipment during the season?

Let me emphasize the importance of in-house DYNAMIC overhauls to keep your DYNAMIC/TCT equipment all genuine.  However, if this just isn’t a possibility, your best bet is to call us and get the full overhaul kit for your particular unit.  You, or your builder, will be getting the same exact parts that are used here when doing a full overhaul- whether it be a Mighty Mite C4, a Pro-Tree 2 Glide, or even a maxed out T400.  Technical assistance is available to our customers via E-mail or phone.

Do-it-yourselfers also have the option of upgrading.  Components are available to upgrade a Comp C4 to a Mighty Mite, or a Mighty Mite to the M2 model and beyond.  Chevy and Mopar owners have the same opportunity open to them.  No component sold by DYNAMIC is all flash.  Our parts are designed to give added durability and better performance.