Question:  Why should I have my transmission and/or converter freshened up by DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions?

Nobody knows your genuine DYNAMIC/TCT equipment better!  A good deal of a DYNAMIC Racing Transmission and TCT Converter’s success is the result of our specially designed components and the exacting methods utilized in their assembly.  When exposed to the rigors of competition, a well designed and custom built race component will always outlast a stock component.  DYNAMICS’ correct assembly of all components is paramount to a unit’s success and long life.  Not to say that there are no other competent builders out there, it’s just that for a DYNAMIC Racing Transmission to operate at peak performance (for the original owner as well as a second hand buyer) it makes sense to have the original designer and builder do any required maintenance.  Keeping our overhaul work affordable makes it that much easier to take advantage of.
Each transmission is dynotested after assembly to ensure its perfect operation.  Overall line pressure, at idle as well as at shift points, are monitored and adjusted as necessary.  Shift precision, trans-brake action (where applicable) and overall seal quality (including torque values on SFI Approved Bellhousings) and noise levels are all checked.  It’s this kind of attention to detail that assures that every DYNAMIC transmission is up to par.  DYNAMIC/TCT equipment upon purchase, or after overhaul- All perform at their peak.

As converter and transmission health often go hand in hand, it’s always a good idea to have your converter checked out with each transmission freshen-up.  If after a converter is inspected it's found to be in good "health," it is cleaned and the hub is polished for a minimum service charge.  If there is evidence of a problem, or the owner desires a stall change, or just wants a freshen- up while everything is out of the car- the converter will be cut open.  A converter freshen-up consists of cleaning, a full inspection– including clearances and condition of fins, replacing all bearings and roller and spring assembly, hub polishing, re-closing, pressure check, and electronically balancing to within 1 gram of weight.

Please call for pricing information.