Call Today for Sonnax gearsets, including the hot 1.58 ($2200.00 + UPS)




$145.00 + S&H


C4-Forged Steel (1330 T2-3-5981HP)
Chromoly (1350 T3-3-8251HP)

C6-Forged Steel (1330 T2-3-6041HP)
Chromoly (T3-3-2491HP)

PG-Forged Steel (T2-3-12081HP)
Chromoly (T3-3-6081HP)

TH350-Forged Steel (T2-3-12051HP)
Chromoly (T3-3-4281HP)

TH400-Forged Steel (T2-3-110431HP)
Chromoly (T3-3-2431HP)


1 Quart container: $9.95 (Red or Gold)-Case of Quarts (12)- $120.00
1 Gallon container- $39.00-Case of Gallons (4) $150.00

T-Shirts: Mighty Mite- W, Blue, Gray
S, M, L, XL list Alternates! $15.00


Launch Stick

Features: Heavy-Duty 18 gauge coil cord, snap-action micro-switch button, and blue-anodised aluminum handle.

 Primarily designed for use with all brake-equipped automatics, the Launch Stick has become a useful piece of equipment wherever momentary button activation is required. Perfect for the racer who wants to avoid permanently mounted buttons on the steering wheel, or the shift knob-where it becomes way too easy to hit by mistake (with possible tragic results).  Also a great idea for cars that see double duty. When its time to hit the street, instead of having buttons where they are temptingly in view (and reach) of passengers, it’s an easy fix to wire your Launch Stick to a plug, and when not in use, it can get tucked away in the glove box. Get yours today! …........ $98 Racer Net (Discounted with purchase of any brake-equipped transmission)

sil4 sil2

Dynamic Racing Transmissions offers only the finest American-made solenoids for Trans-Brake use. These are the same solenoids that are used in all of DYNAMIC's world-class, brake-equiped racing transmissions. As such, each solenoid must represent the utmost in reliability. Painstacking assembly and precision winding ensure that our solenoids will perform flawlessly.

While the quality of inexpensive "off-shore" versions has been compromised, our American made solenoids remain superior and suprisingly affordable at $15.00 to $30.00 below competitors pricing.

Available for:

C4, C6, Power Glide, T350, T400

*The C4 Solenoid is the push-in type and can also be purchased as part of a kit with mounting assembly, and/or Brake Valve and Spring (see photo).

* Note on pricing:  All accessories discounted when purchasing a transmission package.

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