Over the years, there have been many interesting articles written about Dynamic Racing Transmissions and Torque Converter Techniques. Most of these have taken the form of technical build-up articles. Although it would be tough to use any of these as a step by step guide to build your own equipment, the articles are very informative and show just how much care goes into each piece- not to mention how may components and modifications are designed in-house. So enjoy the education and remember that this is an archive. Dynamic/TCT equipment is constantly evolving, so whatever you see here has already been improved upon....

Race Pages
"Getting in Gear for Street & Strip"
September 2013

5.0 Mustang Magazine
"Back To Life"
October 2013

1. Muscle Mustang Fast Ford
"Making The Mighty Mite Mightier"
September 2002

2. Mustang Monthly
"Performance C4 Build Up"
March 2002

3. Muscle Mustang Fast Ford
"Bullet Proofing The C4"
July 2000

4. Mopars Collector's Guide Magazine
"Build A Bullet Proof 727"
August 2000

5. 5.0 Tech Guide
"C4 On The Floor"
July 1999